All the products in this catalogue are unique and have been handmade by Ecuadorian craftsmen and craftswomen


One of the mainstays of Ecuador’s foreign policy has been the promotion and empowerment of its greatest patrimony: its people’s hard work, creativity, identity, and production.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Integration, together with the Inter-American Center of Craftwork and Folk Arts (CIDAP), which promotes the attainment of both Ecuador and America’s craftwork’s high quality through the Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (PRO ECUADOR), are working to develop a Digital Catalogue of the best arts and crafts of Ecuador; this will make their worldwide diffusion possible. We are sure that this catalogue will bring Ecuadorian culture closer to those physically-distant markets and consumers.

This Catalogue is a sample of 27 of the best Ecuadorian craftsmen who exhibit their craftwork in its different artistic expressions – Pottery and Ceramics, Woodcarving and Natural Fruits, Natural-fiber Weaving, Textiles and Handicrafts made from organic material and vegetal fruits. For its diffusion, this Catalogue will be administered by the 28 trade offices Ecuador has around the world. With this, a new era in the internationalization of Ecuadorian handmade products will start.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Integration


The need of a light-adding glance

CIDAP is absolutely pleased to present this catalog, in which you will have a marvelous opportunity to observe handmade objects and discover not only their forms and the obvious but also their mysteries. You will be able to see how some of the most skilled artisans, who have inherited their skills from ancient times, make beautiful objects.

Ecuador is a magical country that possesses an enormous biodiversity; consequently, it also has a cultural diversity which only a few other countries in the world possess. Ecuador has a small territory but a very big wealth of crafts, whose lively manifestations are expressed in everyday life.

Fine craftsmanship not only produces beautiful objects but also calls for highly qualified human beings.

Buying a handicraft means getting closer to have a small, unique, unrepeatable, warm, and deep piece of art. It is like possessing something which brings to the present the techniques of ancient people and the richness of innovated contemporary designs. It is making the essence of this land ours.

When you take a look at the magic craftsmanship of Ecuador, you are watching the beauty of both our craftsmen and craftswomen’s light, and of the ocean, the mountains, and the jungle.

Juan Pablo Serrano
Chief Executive Officer of CIDAP


The role of Pro Ecuador in the internationalization of craftwork

The Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments –PRO ECUADOR –is in charge of promoting the international trade of Ecuadorian goods and services with the purpose of diversifying Ecuador’s export promotion. For this purpose, 30 trade offices located in important commercial-interest countries and 7 regional offices in Ambato, Machala, Manta, Guayaquil, and Quito support this Institute.

By creating both a coordination area of the handcrafts sector and a Service Area, PRO ECUADOR aims to train and advise Ecuadorian artisans in the fields of logistics and promotion with the participation of some trade missions and the organization of international fairs.

The handcrafts sector has a high economical and social importance for Ecuador. Handcrafts help this country preserve its culture and traditions, as well as they contribute to the growth of the country’s economy by generating foreign exchange earnings and direct and indirect employment. It is worth mentioning that Ecuador’s potential for development is immense considering that it produces excellent craftwork.

The objectives both PRO ECUADOR and the Ecuadorian government have to support the handcrafts sector are:

  • to improve the average income and standard of living of artisans
  • to preserve the artisans’ ancestral techniques
  • to promote the artisans’ identity and cultural heritage
  • to incorporate new social actors into the new markets

Institute for the Promotion of Exports and Investments, PRO ECUADOR